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It takes time and commitment, but the personal and professional rewards that come with achieving board-certified specialist status can last an entire career. And the journey toward certification is itself a meaningful way to deepen your connection to the areas of practice that most inspire you.

Here are the basics about the process of earning APTA specialist certification.

  • What Is APTA Specialist Certification? A overview of the program — how it came to be, the concept behind the credentials, and the types of certifications available.
  • The Certification Process. Achieving specialist certification requires gaining approved experience and successful completion of an exam, and some specialty areas have additional requirements. Here is the path to board certification.
  • Required Experience. You may have or be gaining the experience necessary for one of the two options to apply for board certification.
  • Timelines To Consider. Application deadlines (early bird and final), exam dates, and more.
  • The Cost. Certification is an investment in your career. Here's a guideline to the cost involved.
  • The Exam. The examination is the final step in achieving board certification. The exam is a valid measure of a candidate's knowledge, skills, and abilities. Here are resources to help you prepare.
  • After You're Certified. What you should know about maintaining your certification into the future.


Ready To Begin?

The Candidate Guide is the first step towards applying for certification. It contains everything you need in more detail from applying through post-examination.

Explore the Candidate Guide