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ABPTS has transitioned to the maintenance of specialist certification (MOSC) program. 

All individuals who have a certification expiration date of 2023 or higher are subject to the new MOSC process. 


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Emeritus Status

Current board-certified specialists who have retired from direct patient and client care (as defined by ABPTS) may apply to be granted the designation "emeritus." 

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In a Nutshell

Review the full picture of all four MOSC categories at a glance.

Expiration Date 2022

If your certification expires in 2022, you follow the recertification process.



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Expiration Date 2023 or Greater

If your certification expires in 2023 or later, you are part of the MOSC process. 

2022 Submission Deadline: Extended to September 30.

If you require a submission extension, contact



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For Specialists

Congratulations on becoming part of an elite community of health care professionalis dedicated to exceptional patient care through continued specialized training and education and furthering the profession through leadership and knowledge of medical advancements. 

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