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The "Description of Specialty Practice" is developed for each specialty area and outlines the knowledge, skills, and abilities related to clinical practice in that area. DSP content is based on a detailed practice analysis, which involves extensive research, including survey data and judgments of subject matter experts, of the knowledge, tasks, and roles that describe advanced specialty practice. The specialty council develops the written exam from the DSP and includes a percentage of questions from each of the major content areas identified in the practice analysis.

ABPTS Applicants Receive Complimentary DSP

A complimentary digital copy of the appropriate DSP is provided to each applicant upon acceptance of the application.

If you would like a downloadable copy in advance of your application, DSPs are available for sale in the online APTA Store. Note that DSPs are updated from time to time as the requirements for each specialty are reviewed for currency, and during that time a DSP may be unavailable in the APTA store.

Access the Sports Specialty DSP