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All questions on the exam relate to the competencies outlined in "Description of Specialty Practice: Sports Physical Therapy."

The board-certified sports physical therapy specialist examination is based on six major competency areas. Each competency area is subdivided into specific objectives in Chapter 2 of the DSP. The percentage of the exam devoted to each of these areas is outlined below. These percentages were based on a survey of the American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy and on the opinions of a group of subject matter experts. Each question in the item bank is categorized according to the competency area, and when the test is constructed the question distribution on the exam approximately reflects these percentages.

Examination Content Domains
% Distribution
Knowledge Areas
 • Anatomy and Physiology, Normal Movement Science, Clinical Science.
 • Medical and Surgical Conditions.
 • Sports Science and Wellness.
 • Scope of Practice, Principles of Teaching and Learning.
Professional Roles and Responsibilities
 • Consultation and Education.
 • Critical Inquiry for Evidence-Based Practice.
 • Administration.
Patient and Client Assessment
 • Clinical Examination and Evaluation.
 • Diagnosis and Prognosis.
Patient and Client Clinical Intervention
 • Rehabilitation and Return to Activity.
 • Injury Prevention and Epidemiology.
 • Emergency Management and Athlete Safety.
 • Sports Performance and Enhancement.
 • Nutrition, Fluids, Supplements, Ergogenic Aids and Drugs.
 • Non-Emergency Conditions.
Patient Outcomes