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Thinking about becoming an ABPTS Board-Certified Clinical Specialist?

Jun 3, 2021/Video

ABPTS Board-Certified Clinical Specialists share their journey to becoming certified: not just how it enhanced their practice, connected them with more patients, and changed their outlook, but how the process itself provided deeper insights into their areas of focus.

MOSC Requirement 4: Cognitive Expertise Through a Test of Knowledge in the Profession

The ABPTS Maintenance of Specialist Certification (MOSC) is a model for certification that focuses on continuing competence of the physical therapist specialist. This page covers MOSC Requirement 4: Cognitive Expertise Through a Test of Knowledge in the Profession.

The Value of Long-term Video EEG Monitoring to Diagnose and Track Childhood Epilepsy.

Jun 20, 2024/Academic Journal

MOHAMMADI, Mahmood, SHERVIN BADV, Reza, REZAEI, Zahra, ASHRAFI, Mahmoodreza, NAEEMI, Fatemeh

Video Game Use, Aggression, and Social Impairment in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Aug 31, 2023/Academic Journal

Davis, Konnor, Iosif, Ana-Maria, Nordahl, Christine Wu, Solomon, Marjorie, Krug, Marie K.

Retrieval of ferromagnetic fragments from the lung using video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery and magnetic tool: a case report of combat patient injured in the war in Ukraine.

Aug 23, 2023/Academic Journal

Lurin, Igor, Khoroshun, Eduard, Negoduiko, Volodymyr, Makarov, Volodymyr, Shypilov, Serhii, Boroday, Volodymyr, Gorobeiko, Maksym, Dinets, Andrii

Teleassessment of Gait and Gait Aids: Validity and Interrater Reliability

Jan 26, 2020/Measurement



Exercise Intensity Levels in Children With Cerebral Palsy While Playing With an Active Video Game Console

Jul 31, 2013/Research Reports


Children with cerebral palsy (CP) are prone to secondary

Intrasubject Reliability of Spinal Range of Motion and Velocity Determined by Video Motion Analysis

Aug 31, 1993/Research Reports

Background and Purpose. The purpose of this study was to investigate

Reproducibility and Accuracy of Angle Measurements Obtained Under Static Conditions with the Motion Analysis™ Video System

Mar 31, 1992/Technical Reports

The development of computerized and semi-automated motion analysis systems has

“Kinect-ing” With Clinicians: A Knowledge Translation Resource to Support Decision Making About Video Game Use in Rehabilitation

Feb 28, 2015/Innovative Technologies in Rehabilitation and Health Promotion: Special Series

Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360 virtual reality (VR) video games are promising

The Effect of Marker Placement Deviations on Spinal Range of Motion Determined by Video Motion Analysis

Jun 30, 1993/Technical Reports

Background and Purpose. Spinal range of motion (ROM) is an important

Reliability of Kinematic Measurements of Rear-Foot Motion

Sep 30, 1992/Technical Reports

The purpose of this study was to examine the ability of a video-based, computer-interfaced

Innovations in Teaching Physical Therapy

Dec 31, 1969/Education


The population and information

Using Home Video Equipment for the Handicapped Child Suggestion from the Field

Oct 31, 1984/Practice

In the field of pediatric physical therapy, the physical therapist (PT) often must