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Annual workshop to assist specialization academy of content experts with item writing.

Writing good multiple-choice questions can be difficult. MCQs often contain technical flaws that provide an advantage to "test-wise" examinees, and they sometimes focus on content that is relatively unimportant from a clinical perspective.

This item-writing workshop focuses on preparing and reviewing MCQs that assess application of clinical knowledge in patient care situations, rather than just recall of isolated facts. 

Breakout Room 1: San Diego Convention Center, Room 23ABC
- Cardiovascular and Pulmonary
- Clinical Electrophysiology
- Wound Management

Breakout Room 2: San Diego Convention Center, Room 29D
- Geriatrics
- Pediatrics

Breakout Room 3: San Diego Convention Center, Room 29B
- Neurology
- Women's Health

Breakout Room 4: San Diego Convention Center, Room 28D
- Sports
- Oncology

Breakout Room 5: San Diego Convention Center, Room 28E
- Orthopaedics

Workshop Objectives

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Learn to effectively utilize established eRoom system for item submission
  • Recognize, correct and avoid commonly occurring technical flaws in MCQ phrasing
  • Select topics for MCQs that are suitable for the physical therapy specialty examinations
  • Write (and rewrite) MCQs assessing application of clinical knowledge in patient care situations
  • Learning out to effectively incorporate images and multi-media in MCQs
  • Participate effectively in group review of MCQs

The workshop will be run in an interactive, seminar-style format that also includes small-group activities.

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