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This page covers MOSC Requirement 1: Professional Standing and Direct Patient Care Hours.

For All Specialists

In years three, six, and nine, you must submit evidence of current unrestricted licensure as a physical therapist in the United States or any of its possessions or territories.

Also in those years, you must submit evidence of 200 hours of direct patient care acquired in the specialty area within the last three years. Direct patient care hours accrued in year 10 may be applied to the year three requirement for the next MOSC cycle.

Successful completion of an ABPTRFE-accredited residency or fellowship program, within the designated specialty practice area, meets all requirements for one three-year MOSC cycle if completed during that three-year period.

Please note: you may not use the accredited residency program option if already used for your previous initial certification or recertification application process.

Individuals who complete an ACOMPTE-accredited orthopaedic manual physical therapy programs may receive credit towards the MOSC hour and professional development requirements, but it does not meet all requirements for one three-year MOSC cycle.

Sports specialists must additionally submit: