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The ABPTS Maintenance of Specialist Certification (MOSC) is a model for certification that focuses on continuing competence of the physical therapist specialist. This page covers MOSC Requirement 3: Practice Performance Through Examples of Clinical Care and Reasoning.

The purpose of this requirement is to document continuing competency in patient and client management in the specialty area.

Use the online portal to complete one reflective portfolio submission in years three, six, and nine of your certification cycle. These reflective portfolio submissions will be used to demonstrate your use of clinical care and reasoning. Each submission must have reflective components, a completed International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health chart (for all specialty areas except for clinical electrophysiologic physical therapy, which requires an unedited patient report), and must cite references supporting your clinical reasoning.

These reflective portfolio submissions will not be scored, but they will be screened for completion of required information and reflection.

Requirement 3 Resources

The three resources below will help you prepare for Requirement 3: an ICF chart template, a sample ICF chart using the template, and a template and instructions for submitting a reflective portfolio.

All resources are adapted from “A Tool for Clinical Reasoning and Reflection Using the ICF Framework and Patient Management Model” by Atkinson and Cave and published in PTJ: Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Journal, March 2011.