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The ABPTS Maintenance of Specialist Certification (MOSC) is a model for certification that focuses on continuing competence of the physical therapist specialist.

This page covers MOSC Requirement 4: Cognitive Expertise Through a Test of Knowledge in the Profession.

Recertification Exam

During year 10 of the certification cycle, you must to sit for a recertification examination, comprising approximately 100 items. The exam is specialty-specific, assesses your cognitive expertise in the specialty area, and reflects contemporary specialist practice.

The exam blueprint breakdown for this exam mirrors that of the initial certification exam, as noted in the descriptions of specialty practice for each specialty. Items are coded and pulled from existing specialty item banks.


You must successfully complete Requirements 1-3 before sitting for the recertification exam. If you fail to receive a passing score after the first attempt, you are permitted to sit for the exam one additional time. You will maintain your certification during this one-year grace period.